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Matt Watson

Matt Watson
Managing Director

Founding director Matt Watson had noticed a growing number of people who were unhappy with their jobs, lives or personal circumstances. Seeing so many people lacking drive, determination and the necessary ‘get up and go’ to change and make things happen, he set out to help young people develop different attitudes.

Bright Futures aims to inspire young people, make them aware of the opportunities available to them, help develop the essential life skills which build self confidence and make the most of any situation.

Our mission is for individuals to have Bright Futures through taking control of their own lives.

Bright Futures programmes explore hobbies and interests, help identify strengths and weaknesses and reinforce positive experiences, so young people can grow in self confidence, have that competitive edge and have a better start in life.

Our national teams of professional presenters are passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational people who deliver exciting enterprise education in schools throughout the UK and Eire. Each Bright Futures presenter runs their own business and delivers the programmes in a consistent way. As entrepreneurs themselves, presenters are able to draw from their own real life experiences, making the content relevant, with first-hand anecdotal examples.

Bright Futures aims to Excite, Inspire and Educate young people to ‘make their mark’, ‘make a difference’, ‘make things happen’ and realise their potential through self discovery and tenacity.

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