Employability and Social Media

Provide your students with some practical ways to leverage social media

This module covers many of the practical aspects of employability but centres around bridging the gap between education and working life.

Your students will learn invaluable life skills by taking part in fun, interactive team challenges.

 Key aims:

  • To make students more employable and job ready
  • To understand the influence that social media can have on a person’s employment prospects
  • To understand how to leverage social media in an employability context
  • To understand how employers use social media to ‘check out’ potential employees
  • To demonstrate how important MINDSET and SELF-AWARENESS are to employers
  • To give students the benefit of our experience as employers and employees

Employability and Social Media:

  • is most relevant for Y13 students
  • can be delivered throughout the year
  • is fun, thought-provoking, informative and activity-based

What Students Say...

Very insightful. I hadn't realised how online social networks could improve or reduce my career prospects.

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