No matter how good your qualifications are, if your soft skills aren’t up to scratch, it’s very hard to build a meaningful career.

It’s all very well knowing what the necessary soft skills are, but it’s practising those skills that really counts.  This programme is full of fun, engaging, age-appropriate activities that will give your sixth formers the opportunity to develop the following skills:

Teamwork, communication, self and time management, negotiation, adaptability, a positive ‘can-do’ approach, interview ‘know-how’, creativity, risk-taking and problem-solving.

Students don’t always realise how competitive the job market really is, but if they can demonstrate the right skills, knowledge and attitude, they are much more likely to wow an employer.

Our Employability Workshop aims to help them do just that!

Topics Include:

• Job/University applications
• Job/University interviews
• Employability skills
• Networking skills
• Negotiation skills
• Public speaking

This workshop will give your students ‘the edge’ in the world of work!


• is suitable for Y12 & 13
• can be delivered throughout the academic year
• is fun, engaging and largely activity-based

What Students Say...

Good solid insight into what employers are looking for. It was nice to see how employability skills can transfer into life skills at Uni. It was a very aspirational session and I learnt so important lessons.

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