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Financial Capability


Financial capability is an essential life skill, but many people find the subject both baffling and boring!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our ‘Money Matters’ Workshop delivers memorable financial messages in a uniquely creative style.

Circus skills, memory, communication, creative problem solving, attention to detail, teamwork and design are just some of the skills your students will employ as they learn how to manage their money.


  • Be immersed in the key concepts of APR, Personal Loans, Overdrafts, Risk Assessment, Mortgages, Cheques, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Store Cards
  • Learn how to balance their finances using a household budget
  • Learn how to negotiate and handle money
  • Learn about small print, fraud, payday loans and loan sharks
  • Enjoy an upbeat, informative and practical programme, featuring real-life situations
  • Make decisions for themselves and suffer the consequences of their financial mistakes!
  • Understand the main qualities, attitudes and skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world
  • Demonstrate enterprising qualities, including innovation, adaptability and perseverance.
  • Imitate the world of work by operating in non-friendship teams


This programme can be delivered as a full day or a half day in a large school hall.

We use high-quality audiovisuals and resources to bring the activities to life.

The workshop is well balanced with a mixture of long and short activities/quizzes to keep students on task throughout the day.

Our highly experienced team will run the whole event for you. They will also provide prizes and a sound system.

Your school needs to provide a suitable venue, a data projector and a screen.

Following the programme, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience based on student and staff feedback.

What Students Say...

Always read the small print! I’m not falling for that again. This was really good, it really made me think, I can’t believe so many adults get themselves into debt. I’ve learned how important interest rates and terminology is. Basically, saving is good and debt generally is bad.

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