Independent Learning

Our Independent Learning Workshop is designed to equip your students with the skills they need to excel in their post-16 studies.

Sixth form is a very demanding time. Students who fail to take a self-reliant approach to study often find themselves overwhelmed, stressed and rapidly losing confidence.

Our programme provides a toolbox that will help your students to manage themselves and study in an efficient, effective way.

A couple of hours of learning how to work independently with us has the potential to make a massive difference!

 Topics covered:

• Becoming self-starters and adopting an independent work ethic
• Managing time = managing stress
• Developing ‘self-efficacy’ and ‘growth mindset’ qualities
• Building confidence and team spirit through peer learning
• Learning the world’s best methods of summarising and note-taking
• Syllabus Mapping – knowing the territory
• Memory masterclass / retrieval practice / active revision
• Bringing revision into the 21st century
• Independent learning skills = life skills

Independent learning:

• Suitable for Y12 or 13
• Can be delivered at any time of the academic year, although Autumn and Spring terms are most popular
• Typically 120 min repeated workshop during a school day

What Students Say...

Very useful, I will definitely explore the note taking system in more detail. The guest speakers were very approachable and put us at ease. I learnt some very useful memory techniques that I wish I knew last year!

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