Independent Learning

Our Independent Learning Workshop equips students with the research-based* strategies they need to excel in their post-16 studies.

We teach practical activities that students can easily apply to their subject material and show them the research to back up why the techniques work. However, this is not a dry chalk and talk session. It moves from one practical, relatable strategy to the next supported by the relevant evidence. Students get to try out each new study strategy.

*The independent learning programme is primarily based on the following research:

Robert and Elizabeth Bjork’s work on Desirable Difficulties including Spaced Learning, Retrieval Practice, Interleaving, and Varying Conditions.

Roediger and Karpicke’s research on The Testing Effect.

The Levels of Processing Theory proposed by Craik and Lockhart.

Time management techniques supported by the work of Huda Akil, Stephen Covey, and Daniel Goldstein.

Memory techniques used by a number of world memory champions.


Sixth form is a very demanding time. Students who fail to take a self-reliant approach to study often find themselves overwhelmed, stressed, and rapidly losing confidence.

Our workshop provides a toolbox that will help your students to manage themselves and study in an efficient, effective way.

A couple of hours of learning how to work independently with us has the potential to make a massive difference!


 Topics covered:

• Becoming self-starters and adopting an independent work ethic
• Managing time = managing stress
• Memory Masterclass
• Summarising and note-taking 
• Syllabus Mapping – knowing the territory
• How to research efficiently 
• Developing ‘self-efficacy’ and ‘growth mindset’ qualities
Building confidence and team spirit through peer learning                                                                                                                              

Independent learning:

• Suitable for Y12 or 13
• Can be delivered at any time of the academic year, although Autumn and Spring terms are most popular
• Typically 120 min repeated workshop during a school day

What Students Say...

Very useful, I will definitely explore the note taking system in more detail. The guest speakers were very approachable and put us at ease. I learnt some very useful memory techniques that I wish I knew last year!

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