Personal Leadership and Vision

This is a practical, energetic workshop to help you prepare your students for the future. It will give your students the opportunity to learn and practise invaluable leadership skills in a team setting.

Students learn that leadership isn’t a super-human talent reserved only for world leaders, CEOs and famous captains of industry and sport. In fact, it’s a skill that can be practised on a daily basis throughout sixth form.

This module will motivate your students to take the necessary risks needed to become confident leaders.

Key topics:

• Understanding the differences between leadership, management and vision.
• Managing risk and dealing with uncertainty.
• Standing out from the crowd.
• Communicating their vision.
• Learning the key attributes that constitute great leadership
• Understanding leadership styles.
• Leadership in daily life.

Personal Leadership and Vision:

• is suitable for Y12 or Y13
• can be delivered at any time of the academic year
• is typically 2-3hrs in duration (can be extended to a full day)
• can be delivered twice in a day to accommodate large year group sizes
• our presenters provide all the resources needed to run the programme.

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What Students say...

This was actually very interesting. I learnt about leadership styles and characteristics. The session good, everyone seemed to get something from it. Thought provoking.

What Teachers say...

A very interesting course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I like how this was made relevant to Sixth Form. The students appreciated the level this was pitched at. I liked how they related leadership and visionary skills to later life too.

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