STEM – Robot Revolution


There is a crisis in education with STEM subjects just not being chosen at ‘A’ level – nationally 70% girls and 50% boys decide not to study STEM subjects after GCSE. The government is committed to effect changes and encourage students to make informed choices and Bright Futures Experience has a workshop which can help schools.

The Bright Futures Robot Revolution helps students understand the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, their relevance to good job prospects, their importance to the UK economy and their anticipated impact on the world economy.

Robotics is forecast to be a massive growth technological sector in the near future and this industry will need bright qualified young people who understand what is involved.

As well as getting hands-on with some impressive robotics kit, your students will learn about robots, their origin, how to build them, how to operate them, how to code them and, most importantly, how to control them.

This engaging workshop introduces students to robotics in a fun way and delivers brilliant learning on STEM, employability prospects and social skills through collaborative team working.


• Gain an introduction to robotics
• Learn about tools and how to use them properly
• Appreciate basic robotic principles
• Explore the origins of Robots
• Experience an ancient robot challenge
• Build an electronic robot
• Take part in competitive robot games
• Learn about coding and automation
• Learn about sensors and automation
• Design and build robot attachments
• Take control of their robot
• Experience an inspirational, dynamic and highly memorable presentation
• Work together and generally have fun with problem-solving tasks
• Enjoy kinaesthetic, activity-based learning
• Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback.


We are flexible and can work with individual classes or whole year groups to suit you. Robot Revolution works very well as part of a larger mixed carousel-style event.
All we need is a large space, chairs and tables to accommodate the participating students, a projector and screen to hook up to and the timings for your school day and we’ll do the rest!
We provide all of the resources and the presenting team, leaving your staff free to relax and enjoy the experience.

This experience can be enjoyed by all age groups and even adapted to make a really fun training day for teachers too!

What Students say...

I never thought that I could build a robot from scratch and I did even more than that. I loved the coding bit, it was really frustrating but really cool at the same time. I would like to do more days like this.

What Teachers say...

A thoroughly enjoyable experience using great resources. Goodness knows how much all of that equipment costs! They Bright Futures Experience team ran the whole event and our students were completely engaged for the whole day. I liked how day progressed from the students knowing little or nothing about robotics to being mini roboteers. Thank for such a fab day!

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