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Civil Engineering – Structures and Forces


This fun, energetic workshop looks at the role of a structural engineer.

The programme begins with a pacey introduction full of short activities that introduce students to the key concepts of the day. This includes engineering principles and a unique perspective on how structures and forces play a role in their day to day lives.

For the rest of the programme, students will design, build and test a series of remarkable structures ranging from ancient to modern. They will gain an insight into how the ability to learn from failure is an essential part of the engineering process.

Depending on the size of your venue, this event can be delivered as a full day with an entire year group or a half day repeated. We also offer a carousel-style event using multiple classrooms.

According to the Women’s Engineering Society, the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe. This programme can provide a great platform for teachers to encourage female students to consider a career in STEM.


• Develop team working and problem-solving skills
• Learn about engineering and the role of an engineer by taking part in exciting challenges
• Gain a better understanding of job opportunities in engineering
• Gain an insight into the engineering process
• Have a thoroughly enjoyable experience in your school
• Take part in some fun, competitive activities


• All of the resources and printed materials required to run the event
• Highly experienced staff to lead the event
• Prizes to add to the excitement!

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback.

What Students Say...

Very good fun. Nick was very funny! So, structures are really important as we found out when our creation collapsed into an epic fail but we redeemed ourselves with mark II. It’s amazing what you can achieve with knowledge of structures and limited resources.

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