Summer School


If you’re looking for some exciting intervention for a summer school this year, look no further.
We have years of experience running these sorts of events and enough material to engage students for over two weeks of activity-based learning that can support your summer school.
Although this sort of intervention is often referred to as ‘Summer School’ we often deliver ‘Summer Schools’ throughout the year.
So if you have a half term, or holiday that you would like to fill, please get in contact we would love to be part of your plans.


• Grow in confidence
• See the school environment in a different light
• Take part in lots of fun activities
• Develop teamworking, problem solving and communication skills


• We’ll provide all printed materials
• We’ll provide staff to lead the event
• We’ll provide all resources required to run the event
• We’ll provide prizes and goodies to make the event memorable

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback.

What Students say...

I was worried about moving up to high school and now I’m not. This summer school has been such good fun, we’ve done loads of different stuff and I’ve made loads of friends. The best bit for me was when we was outside doing the survival exercises.

What Teachers say...

This is the third time we have used Bright Futures Experience for our summer school and they have delivered a brilliant ten days. Their staff are super enthusiastic, energetic and really connect well with the students. Our main objective with Summer School is to help the new cohort make a smooth transition into our school, Bright Futures Experience got the balance of learn to learn and fun activities just right. Thank you guys!

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