"Catch Up" Programmes

Support your students with Bright Futures Experience ‘catch up’ programmes

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, the British Psychological Society has said that ‘children should be supported through socialisation and play.’ This concept is at the very heart of our programmes.

Our fun, team-based, work-related-learning workshops are a perfect way for students to transition from virtual learning back into the real world.

Whichever programme you choose, your students will develop the soft skills that are essential for success at school and in the working world – team working, communication, problem solving, resilience, confidence, reliability, positivity and leadership.

We offer the following programmes:

Employability skills

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Financial Capability

Summer School Events


Leadership and Vision



Independent Learning


Bespoke programmes are available. Please browse our website and then get in touch to discuss the perfect programme to suit your students.

Please phone 01773 850246 to discuss content and delivery options.

Key benefits:

  • A range of fun, practical, team-based programmes with options suitable for every year group
  • Programmes designed to develop soft skills and build relationships that will help your year group to gel
  • Flexible delivery options to suit your school
  • Live in-school events or online
  • Bespoke programmes to fit with your students’ needs and interests