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Financial Awareness For Students

“The delivery is first-class and inspirational”: Headteacher

Dyke House Sports and Technology College

Dyke House Sports and Technology College is located in Hartlepool in the north east of England and was named an outstanding school by Ofsted in 2007. It is the only secondary school in its area to have the national ICT Mark. The School wants to “make use of technology to support teaching and learning and to continue to make learning interesting and enjoyable”. Its new building is due to open in 2012.

Susan Sheldrick

As part of the School’s commitment to work-related learning, each year Susan Sheldrick, the Careers and Compact Manager, invites Bright Futures in to run our Money Matters Programme for her Year 11 cohort, to raise her students’ awareness about both personal and government finance. The Money Matters Programme is a fast-moving, interactive series of workshops which introduce students to all aspects of financial awareness and money management, such as tax, interest rates, abbreviations such as APR, and budgeting. Sue has booked our programme for each of the last four years.

Here are some of the staff comments in answer to the question, “What do you think your students gained from this programme?”

  • Pupils have discovered that talking to each other, working as a team and keeping focused can be fun
  • They have thoroughly enjoyed the day and hopefully will realise that they need to work hard to achieve success but the end result is worth the effort
  • The presentation on tax was particularly good. Good solid info on matters regarding money.
  • The day was SUPERB from start to finish
  • ALL students were engaged and enjoyed the day – difficult students particularly
  • The pace and delivery were EXCELLENT

We also asked the students, “What did you find most helpful about the programme?” and here are some of their anonymous answers:

  • It was interactive and fun;
  • The DVD film really made me think;
  • The Bright Futures team made people feel confident when answering questions; we had good people hosting the day and it was made enjoyable.
  • Learning about taxes, the government deficit and the world of work;
  • Team work skills (many stated this);
  • That it’s very easy to get yourself into debt: credit cards=debt cards;
  • Finding out how to save money and how to handle it in the future; how to budget (many);
  • Understanding APR, PIN, AER, ATM;
Dyke House Sports and Technology College

The day got off to a quick start by testing the students’ powers of observation. An extended team challenge then had them designing a prototype for a new theme park ride. Individual and team quizzes followed, leading into another challenge to develop students’ knowledge of buying and selling, together with the key employability skill of negotiation. Non-verbal communication techniques and an insight into national wealth creation completed the day.

Mike Watson of Bright Futures commented: “As always, this was an excellent day with the Dyke House students, who threw themselves energetically into the activities.”

Sue summarised the day as follows: “We feel it is vital that we equip our students with financial capability skills. Even more so in the current economic climate our students need to understand the basics of how the economy works and most importantly how to manage their own money. Bright Futures deliver all this in a fun, interactive way, which really makes the students engage and learn.”

Headteacher, Mr W E Jordon, CBE

Headteacher, Mr W E Jordon, CBE, commented: “We always enjoy hosting these days for our Year 10 and Year 11 students. The delivery is first- class and inspirational. Our students are always highly motivated by this event and their awareness of financial issues raised to a high level. Bright Futures offers a quality product which is why we bring them back year after year.”

Mr W E Jordon, CBE, Headteacher
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