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Shelthorpe Students Use Their Loaf


What is it that these Shelthorpe School primary pupils are “using their loaf” on? Is it a maths puzzle? Or an English assignment? Are they perhaps writing a report on their teacher?

It is none of these. You are looking at a group of Year 6 pupils who are planning a picnic for the whole of their school – 280 pupils – at a seaside venue near their Leicestershire village. No small feat, when you consider that the nearest resort is 90 miles away in Skegness.

So how did this happen? And what has Hovis got to do with it?

Clare Spence, Headteacher, explains:

“We decided that it would be good to involve all the pupils in planning a whole-school activity. We wanted all of them to understand something about planning a “business idea” and then “making it happen”. We wanted them to learn about enterprise and aspects of how to run a business, such as raising money. We looked for a partner to help us and that’s what led us to Bright Futures.

“Bright Futures agreed to spend two days with us, working first with Years 2 and 3, and then Years 4 and 5. Finally, they spent half a day with our Year 6 pupils. The icing on the cake was that Bright Futures brought with them some sponsorship from Hovis, and that’s where we got the idea from for a whole-school picnic!”

Did it work, you may ask? The acid test is always how the pupils respond. Listen to some of their comments:

Year 2 & 3 said the best thing was:

  • I liked working with other people and it was fun
  • I liked it when I made money
  • Making and selling things
  • Making friends and taking part
  • When we made the egg cups
  • When I found it a bit hard but I enjoyed it
  • Erefink (say it out loud!)
Shelthorpe School primary pupils

Year 4 and 5 pupils made very similar comments:

  • When we all worked hard and earned lots of money
  • When I learnt to work with my friends
  • Learning about business
  • Working together and being helpful
  • Counting money
  • All of it but most of all the making and getting money
  • It was the making because we were all working together
  • When we won the prize because it was my favourite

Year 6 were equally engaged:

  • Selling and buying things
  • Making money
  • Making the things then selling them in
  • Quizzes
  • The challenge because it got us thinking and to work as a team
  • I really enjoyed the egg holder challenge because I love art

As well as free text comments, the pupils completed a tick box questionnaire and here too there was outstanding feedback.

100% of Year 6 found the lesson “good” and “learnt new things about the project we are doing”. All other feedback was in the 90%+ range.

Feedback from all 12 teachers was outstanding. There were 100% scores in every category:

  • The programme was well presented and well run
  • The programme content was appropriate for our pupils
  • Our pupils engaged well with the material
  • Our pupils learned a lot from the programme
  • I would recommend this programme to other schools
  • Overall I think today has been a good day

Matt Watson, Managing Director of Bright Futures, said: “We have been running very successful Enterprise days in secondary schools for many years. This proves that primary pupils are just as enterprising and in some ways more so than older students.”

Hovis commented:

“It is vitally important for our own industry and for our country’s economic recovery that young people get the maximum benefit from their education. To be successful in the future, they will need good exam results, but they will also benefit from developing those key employability skills of teamwork, problem solving, customer care and effective communication. What we like about the Bright Futures’ programme is that it introduces young people to all these elements.”

If other organisations would like to make a similar investment into schools, they are encouraged to contact Matt Watson, Managing Director of Bright Futures at or on 07515 775 229.

The last word belongs to Clare Spence, Headteacher:

“The impact of the enterprise experience can be summed up in one easy example. The parent of a Year 6 child came to me after 1 week of the project and told me that she couldn’t believe the change in her child. He’d come home on the Friday and told his mum that he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up… go into business. His attitude, outlook and demeanour changed! We have offered our children the opportunity to practise their key skills in a different context, and given them new aspirations for their future.

“This was a highly successful project and collaboration with Bright Futures – I’d definitely do this again!”

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