Making Things Happen

St Andrew’s Enterprising Students

‘Learning that engages their imagination and excites them’

John Whalley

St Andrew’s Primary School is situated in the village of Woodhall Spa in a beautiful rural setting in Lincolnshire. John Whalley, the Headteacher, says the School believes in “enriching all our children’s lives by providing a broad and creative curriculum where children are engaged by learning that develops, challenges and excites their imagination”.

Sue Haskins

Sue Haskins is the School’s Subject Leader for Humanities and Citizenship Development. Sue wanted the School’s Christmas Fair to be more business-like and enterprising. When she heard about Bright Futures from her sister, who is a secondary school teacher, she decided to invite them in to St Andrew’s. Following on from the Bright Futures day, Sue now intends to allow the children to decide how to spend the money they raise at the Christmas Fair.

Primary Pupils Use Their Loaf In An Enterprising Way

The Bright Futures “Primary Programme” introduced the St Andrew’s pupils to the key skills of enterprise. Through some group challenges, they learnt how to plan together and how to take risks so as to “make things happen”. They also covered basic employability skills (such as communication, problem-solving and team work), as well as an introduction to financial literacy. Finally, they gained a practical understanding, from their own experience, of how businesses operate.

Two Bright Futures presenters worked with pupils from Years 3 and 4 during the morning and in the afternoon they led another session with Years 5 and 6. The responses of the pupils at the end of the session say it all. Here are some of the pupils’ comments about the day:

  • it gave us the chance to have a go;
  • it was exciting and fun;
  • the men were cheerful and happy and that made the day really fun, it made you think “I want to do this now”;
  • that working together can make a difference;
  • that business is really quite hard, but to enjoy it when I do it for life;
  • that in business you have to be awake and ready;
  • working in groups taught me that, if I didn’t have an idea, then my friends always had one;
  • I thought that nothing could have been better;
  • working together and helping each other and talking with each other.
Primary Pupils Use Their Loaf In An Enterprising Way

At the end of the day, Sue said: “This was exactly what we wanted. The children responded very enthusiastically to the tasks that Matt and Mike set. As a result, they felt really good about what they had achieved and they are now much more confident about tackling other enterprise projects.”

Matt Watson, Director of Bright Futures, commented: “It was a joy working with the St Andrew’s pupils. They were so enthusiastic and up for the challenges we set them, right from the start. It’s my guess that there might be some budding candidates amongst them for Lord Sugar’s Junior Apprentice in a few years’ time!”

John Whalley concluded: “This is the sort of learning we want for our pupils: learning that engages their imagination and excites them. This learning will stay with them.”

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