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MONTGOMERY HIGH SCHOOL is situated in Bispham, north Blackpool, in the Northwest of England. The School has a reputation for strong academic achievement. Its high standards are built upon the foundations of mutual respect, collective values and the firm beliefs that learning counts and people really matter. Montgomery also strives to be at the forefront of innovation and change in education.

Montgomery High School

This commitment to being at the forefront of innovation can be seen in Stuart Keith’s decision to engage Bright Futures. Stuart is the School’s Head of Enterprise, and he regularly invites Bright Futures into Montgomery to run a “Skills2Succeed” programme for his new Year 7 students.

Here is Stuart’s reflection on the experience: “We have worked with Bright Futures for 5 years now, and have been delighted each time. The students have always had a fantastic day. They have been challenged in new and innovative ways through the excellent presentations and the engaging activities that Bright Futures always bring. The students come away with a real enthusiasm for developing their entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps Bright Futures are part of the reason why our students recently won the ‘Blackpool Enterprise Team of the Year Awards’.

Montgomery High School

Stuart’s new Year 7 students, in common with all their predecessors, have just enjoyed the Bright Futures “Skills2Succeed” programme. This is a series of action-packed, high energy and fun workshops that introduce students starting out in secondary school to the skills, qualities and attitudes they need to succeed at school and in life.

After starting the day with some silent challenges, students quickly move on to solve the SEAL ‘wuzzle’ and then two further team activities which hone their communication skills. Other short individual and team challenges are Codebreaker (which includes some numeracy skills) and the Bright Futures Brand Quizzes. A design and make exercise introduces teams to the increasingly important and relevant virtues of social enterprise. And the day culminates in a team trading challenge that involves designing, buying, selling, negotiating and risk-taking. Teams learn about labour costs, and also what it’s like to make a profit – or a loss!

At the end of the day, all the students were asked to complete an evaluation of the day. A staggering 100% of them wrote “agree” or “strongly agree” in response to the statement: ‘Overall, today has been a good day’. The figures for ‘I’ve learned more about working with other people and about communication’, ‘I’ve learned more about the skills I need to succeed in life’ and ‘Taking part in this event has helped my self-confidence’ were 98%, 97% and 97% respectively. Stuart was delighted – for the sixth time!

Montgomery High School

These student responses convinced Stuart that he had once again made the right decision in booking Bright Futures for his Year 7 event.

At the end of the workshop, Matt Watson, Managing Director of Bright Futures, observed: “It was a real pleasure working with the Montgomery students again. As always, they were fully engaged and totally committed for the whole day.”

Montgomery High School

Headteacher, Simon Brennand, commented:
We see enterprise as one of the key future literacies that students will need in order to lead successful, fulfilling lives and to make wide-ranging community contributions. Our work with Bright Futures assists us towards these goals.”

Montgomery High School is a Trust School and makes its facilities available for the whole community. Its QA Centre offers a wide range of community education. Montgomery has developed a vibrant curriculum responsive to the needs of young people in a rapidly changing world and it is committed to inspiring students to be positive contributors to their school and wider community.

Simon Brennand, Headteacher
Montgomery High School
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