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South Hunsley School

South Hunsley School (SHS) and Sixth Form College is situated in a beautiful area of East Yorkshire just to the north of the Humber estuary. SHS is a High Performing Specialist School with three specialisms in Technology and Engineering, Training and Leadership Partner. It operates as a National Support School with the Headteacher acting as a National Leader in Education.

It is regarded as one of the best educational institutions in the country, and this has been formalised by the recent kitemark awarded by the DCSF as an Accredited School Provider. The most recent OFSTED report said, “The school promotes an ethos for learning based on high expectations, inclusion and very good relationships.”

Myra Levine

Myra Levine is the Personal Development Leader at South Hunsley and she invited Bright Futures (BF) into the School to run a full-day programme for Year 10 students on Enterprise. The programme ran over two days, with half the 300+ year group on each day. This formed part of the School’s annual Activities Week at the end of the year.

Myra’s task is not to be envied. South Hunsley is a school of 2000 students and Myra must co-ordinate all the activities for the entire week for the whole student body!

Myra sets the bar high for herself and her students and she wanted to ensure that the quality of the BF Enterprise programme was up to the School’s normal high standard. She was not disappointed. At the end of the two days, she commented: “The feedback that I have received from students, and from the staff who were present, has been very positive indeed. The students really seem to have enjoyed themselves and have been telling us how much they learned. In fact, some of their parents, who work here on the staff, have been telling me today how enthused their children were over tea last night!”

Staff comments:

Myra Levine, Personal Development Leader, said “I was looking for a company which would inspire, enthuse and educate our students. Bright Futures was true to its name and proved to be a great success. They achieved the outcomes we were looking for and the feedback has been excellent.”

Myra confided in Bright Futures that her Business Studies team had wanted to put on the day themselves, but after seeing the quality of the BF material and their presentation, they freely admitted that BF had offered their students a superior experience.

Barry Grey, Head of Business Studies, was present throughout the two days – as were all the members of his team – and he said: “This was a truly professional programme. Our students were engaged from beginning to end.”

John Fernley

Bright Futures lead presenter, John Fernley, said: “Whenever school staff become involved with our presentation, their students get an even better deal. They see that the staff are enthusiastic about it and they become more engaged and willing to “have a go”. With South Hunsley sixth form volunteers also helping in the trading games and supporting the teams, this made it an even better day.

Chris Abbott

The Headteacher, Chris Abbott, commented: “We always try to give our students the best possible experiences and it does seem that Bright Futures have been in those best traditions of the School. The acid test for us is always – do the students learn effectively and have they enjoyed themselves? The detailed feedback we have received from the company, summarising what our students and staff thought, tells me that, by both these measures, Bright Futures have scored highly.”

During the morning session, the students worked in non-friendship teams on three challenges designed to develop their teamwork and creativity, and their communication and problem-solving skills. The format is fast-moving and interactive and it included individual and team challenges.

In the afternoon, the teams experienced first-hand what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Taking part in a frenetic trading challenge, the teams learned the enterprising skills of buying and selling, designing and making, marketing and advertising and how to negotiate successfully to close the deal. They learned about risk, about meeting deadlines and about making a profit, breaking even or sadly, in a couple of cases, coming in with a loss.

Current statistics would suggest that between 20% and 30% of young people in school today will at some point in their lives set up their own businesses. Many students from South Hunsley admitted at the end of the day that they now felt much better prepared for this.

Students’ replies to “what I liked most”:

  • Working with people I wouldn’t choose to be with
  • This has helped my self-confidence and my communication skills
  • I really enjoyed today as it was educational as well as fun.
  • Learning what qualities I need to run my own business
  • Finding out that I can achieve a lot in a short time
  • Learning to work with few materials to a tight deadline
  • The negotiating part was best
  • Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it

In 2007, the DCSF published the Children’s Plan, a ten-year plan outlining an ambition to make this country the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up. In recognition of South Hunsley’s hard work and dedication towards this goal, the work of the school has been showcased in two DCSF videos. In one of these, Headteacher, Chris Abbott, comments as follows:

“The Children’s Plan has made us very focused on the fact that we can’t deliver the range of experiences and services to every child on our own and that we have to develop relationships with other organisations and other providers to be able to do that.” Bright Futures hope that they will now become one of those providers.

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College
Melton, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, HU14 3HS
T: 01482 631208
F: 01482 636703

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