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Tickford Park: Y6 Entrepreneurs

PUPIL: “I learned how hard my mum and dad work!”
CHAIRMAN: “A superb experience for our children!”


Tickford Park Primary School is a successful community school located in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. Headteacher, Mrs Ann Tobia, says, “We consider ourselves to be a ‘family’ school where we develop the whole child. We believe that education and learning must be fun and the child’s ability to feel confident and apply themselves in a happy, safe environment is our number one priority.”


Taryn Chapman, a Year 6 teacher and also a member of the SLT, was keen to give her pupils an experience of the world of work. She approached Bright Futures and agreed a half-day programme for the School’s two Year 6 groups. At the end of the afternoon, the other Year 6 teacher, Zoe Whitton, commented: “Our children did so much in such a short time. It was very impressive!”

Here are some very revealing comments from the pupils, written immediately after the event. They are in their own words and are perhaps the best evidence of the success of the programme:

  • I learnt to do things quickly, in time, and to make things stand out to get more money from selling;
  • I learnt that it is tiring to work but I really enjoy business work;
  • I found the trading part useful because it showed me how hard and tiring it is running your own business;
  • I learnt never to give up, keep on trying and work together;
  • I learnt that mums are tired when they get home;
  • I learnt that it isn’t just about making money but about using it;
  • The last challenge was great because it gave me a little bit of ‘work experience’;
  • I learnt that you need to listen to your team mates and co-operate;
  • I found that negotiating is very important;
  • I realised how hard my mum and dad work;
  • I learnt how to handle money;
  • That working in a different group is fun and we get on well.

Felicity Candler-O’Donnell, Chair of Governors, was delighted with the event and the way the Tickford pupils responded so positively to the challenges. She said: “This was a superb experience for the children. They had a very realistic insight into some of the demands of the world of work. Their spontaneous comments about how tiring their own parents must be after running their own business were delightful, and they also indicated how much the children had applied their learning to their own situation. Brilliant!”

Matt Watson, Director of Bright Futures, commented: “It’s quite remarkable how grown-up the Year 6 pupils were and how much they gained from the challenges. You can tell from the comments they made how much they had enjoyed themselves. But I was struck by how sophisticated some of their observations were.”


Ann Tobia concluded: “Through imaginative role play and simple props, the Bright Futures team created a very engaging set of scenarios for our pupils. This was learning that was certainly fun – and I believe our children gained a great deal. I can recommend it to other primary schools.”

Ann Tobia
Tickford Park Primary School
Avon Close, Newport Pagnell
Bucks, MK16 9DH
T: 01908 610431

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