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Lawrence Sheriff School (LSS) and Sixth Form is situated in Rugby, in the Midlands. Lawrence Sheriff himself was born in 1515 and became a full member of the Worshipful Company of Grocers – he was an entrepreneur during the reign of the first Queen Elizabeth.

Lawrence Sheriff School and Sixth Form

Laura Kisby is the Head of Careers, Enterprise and Work Experience. Mindful of the School’s origins, Laura wanted to arrange an enterprise experience for her Year 10 students that would “be different” and would introduce them to the skills needed when applying for jobs and for life beyond school. In particular, she needed them to practise preparing a CV and being interviewed for a job.

Laura was aware of the 2009 Ipsos MORI survey, “A research study on work-related learning among 11-16 year olds”, which reported as follows:

“For some work-related activities, there appears to be a gap between what Year 11 pupils say they are being taught in schools and what they say they would find useful. Being taught how to write a CV is the work-related activity that Year 11 pupils think would be most useful in helping them with what they want to do in the future (94%) but it is one that only three in five (61%) say they have actually done. Similarly, learning interview techniques is something that most Year 11 pupils think would be helpful to them (91%) but less than half (47%) say that this is something they have done in school.”

Laura approached Bright Futures to supply this need within the framework of a 2-day Enterprise Conference. To gauge from the students’ responses after the Bright Futures workshop, she was convinced that it had been a great success.

Some student responses:

  • It was useful to see the qualities and qualifications needed to get a job.
  • I learned how to fill in job applications.
  • It taught me the effective ways of writing a job application and what not to do.
  • I learned about different business attributes.
  • The work on writing CVs and how to make one was interesting and useful.
  • It was crazy and fun – making the hats! I like making things!
  • We learnt about social enterprise as well as commercial enterprise.
  • It was fun and helpful. Good practice for writing application forms.
  • I learnt what to wear for a job interview and how to deal with it.
  • I learnt about how to write a CV and also that first appearances count.
  • I liked the making side of things.
  • Knowing how to plan, organise and complete job applications.
Laura Kisby, Head of Careers

These responses from her students convinced Laura that she had made the right decision in booking Bright Futures for this conference event. It was clear to her that the boys had learned a great deal and had also enjoyed a high quality experience.

At the end of the BF Workshop, Laura commented: “It was good to see the boys being so creative during the workshop and I appreciated the way that Nigel from Bright Futures liaised throughout the day with other facilitators who were delivering a workshop on Negotiating Skills so the students gained an excellent overview of the interview situation.”

She continued: “This is the fourth year that we have used Bright Futures for part of our Year 10 Conference. We are planning to repeat the Conference next year and have already confirmed another booking with Bright Futures.”

Peter Kent, Headteacher

Headteacher, Peter Kent, commented: “As well as being a very successful school academically, Lawrence Sheriff aims to prepare our boys thoroughly for the world of work and adult life. This Conference, organised by Laura with input from Bright Futures, has clearly met a real need. I am very grateful to Bright Futures for adapting to our requirements and ensuring the students received a quality session within the Conference. As a result, our boys will be better prepared to enter the demanding world of work. The skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship manifested by Lawrence Sheriff himself are just as relevant today as they were in the 16th century.”

Lawrence Sheriff School has a long and proud record of serving the community of Rugby. Almost 450 years after Lawrence Sheriff left money in his will to set up a school to serve the children of Rugby, the School named after him recently topped the GCSE examination league table for English schools, with all of its boys achieving five or more grades A*-C including English and Maths. It has specialised in maths and computing for many years and, as a successful high performing school, it was recently awarded a prestigious second specialism, Raising Achievement Partnership Programme.

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