Making Things Happen

Junior Enterprise Challenge – Pupils Say

The most helpful bit…

“That business is harder than you think, but to enjoy it when I do it for life.”

“That it is tiring to work but I really enjoy business work”

“It made you think “I want to do this now”.”

“That you need to listen to your team mates and co-operate.”

“That working together can make a big difference.”

“I learnt never give up, keep on trying and work together.”

“Working with money and art.”

“How hard my mum and dad work.”

“I thought the profit making made me learn that business is never easy.”

“To do things quickly in time and to make things stand out to get more money from selling.”

“Learning how to drive a hard bargain.”

“It was brilliant…amazing…perfect!”

“That my friends always had an idea if none of us had one.”

“Really fun and helpful.”

“In the challenge the adults and my team helped and we never gave up.”

The best bit…

Years 2 and 3

“When I found it a bit hard but I enjoyed it.”

“I liked working with other people and its fun.”

“When I worked with my friends and made the money.”

“Erefink!”(say it out loud, then it makes sense!)

Years 4 and 5

“Making a product.”

“Learning about business.”

“It was the making because we were all working together.”

“When I learnt to work with my friends.”

“The trading challenge because it got us thinking and to work as a team.”

Year 6

“Making the things then selling them.”

“Selling and buying things.”

Teachers Say...

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