To excite and inspire young people

20 years back businessman Matt Watson was invited to deliver a careers talk to students at a Derby school.

Teaching staff were amazed how he had managed to connect with, inspire and interest their disaffected students  in work and business matters. For Matt’s part, he thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the students and wondered how he might excite and inspire larger numbers of students.

Drawing on his business, design and communication experience and using his audio-visual skills, he set about designing an imaginative workshop adopting exciting delivery methods that could be replicated by other similarly talented business people.

Matt believed he could help transform the provision of work-related learning in schools and formed Bright Futures Experience with the mission ‘to excite and inspire students to learn’.

Since then Bright Futures Experience has inspired circa half a million young people to ‘make their mark’, ‘make a difference’, ‘make things happen’ and realise their potential through self-discovery and tenacity. The workshops make students aware of the opportunities available to them and help develop the essential life skills which build self-confidence.

Our team of professional presenters are passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational people, who deliver motivational workshops in schools throughout the UK. They have a wealth of personal experience gained from running their own businesses and deliver workshops to a consistently high standard. As entrepreneurs themselves, presenters are able to draw from their own real-life experiences and make the content relevant with first-hand anecdotal examples.

We want young people to have brighter futures through taking control of their own lives.

What Teachers say...

Cardinal Newman School

“Seeing pupils who lack esteem and are difficult to motivate getting involved and taking risks. One kid said ‘This is mint, Year 10 and we’re making rides, Mint!’ and it made me laugh’. Fantastic engaging and snappy programme. All of the students enjoyed it and said it was a fab day”

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