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Below is a list of our current programmes, all of them deploy high quality-audio visual material to enhance the experience:

All our programmes focus on the key PLT skills of communication, problem-solving & team building. They also cover the main CBI “employability” skills. They are:

  • informative and inspirational experiences, featuring interactive activities and challenges;
  • fast moving and they convey complex subject matter in a simple to understand and fun way, with the added spice of competitive, kinaesthetic team activities;
  • meticulously planned, based on a proven formula with a good facilitator-to-student ratio, relieving teachers of the stress of event organisation;

and they leave students ‘buzzing’!

Student year groups

Our programmes are designed for students in Years 7 to 13 and we adapt the programme to suit the needs of each specific year group. We can take up to 120 students per session but larger numbers can also be accommodated if required. Our programmes use state of the art audiovisual equipment and they are suitable for students right across the ability spectrum, from gifted and talented, through to less academically able. A programme Certificate of Participation can be provided to all participating students to include in their portfolio.

Programme Duration & Options

All our programmes can be delivered as full or half day options. The latter is a very cost effective option as it means we can take a whole year group in a single day, half AM and half PM. Some programmes, such as the ‘Enterprise Experience’ or ‘Employability Skills’, work particularly well across the full day but the choice is yours. Timings can be adjusted to fit your school timetable and are self-contained with minimal impact on your school’s normal operation.

Tailored Approach

Because we recognise that every school is different and that you will have your own particular priorities, Bright Futures offers a tailored approach. We are infinitely flexible, so please talk to us about creating imaginative programmes to meet your school’s own specific needs and your community’s particular economic circumstances.

Modular Design

Our modular design offers your school the flexibility to mix ‘n’ match programmes according to your own needs. So for a full day, you can take a half-day module from one programme and add it to a half-day module from another programme. Infinitely flexible!

Skilled & Inspirational Facilitators

Our skilled facilitators, professionals from the business world, share their expertise and experience with all types of schools from inner city to leafy suburb. Their enthusiasm and energy enables them to strike up an excellent rapport with all types of learners from gifted and talented to those with learning or behavioural difficulties. They will keep all students attentive and motivated throughout the day. All programmes are interactive and are supported with strong audio visuals, creating a highly memorable event.

Timings and School Resources

The timings of the programme will generally follow your school day, (unless otherwise requested), to minimise disruption to the rest of the school. We require a suitably-sized room (assembly or sports hall) with small worktables and chairs, a small quantity of stationery, a data projector and a screen. One member of staff for every 40 students is required to >to be on hand to support and deal with any questions that may arise. We provide full details of resources and logistics before the day to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Feedback to schools

Students and staff will complete feedback questionnaires and the results will be summarised for the school and submitted by Bright Futures within a matter of days. Student feedback is exceptionally positive, with many students valuing the opportunity to meet and work with new people from the same year group. To find out more, please see ‘What students say’ and ‘What Teachers say’.

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