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What is business? … industry? … commerce? … enterprise? And what do those things really mean to your students? Whether they are following a business studies course or not, the Bright Futures Business Brains Experience gives your students a real perspective as to what business is all about, whilst also using methods which offer superb educational benefits.

This programme can be used to encourage your students to opt for business studies by giving them a taster, or it can simply serve as a superb revision tool to reinforce classroom learning. But when you consider what impact business has on day-to-day life, it really is essential that everyone has a handle on how things work in the business world regardless of whether they will be working in the public or private sector.

The content for this programme usually varies from school to school and will depend on your school’s requirements. There are a number of core modules and you can then select which other elements you want to include.


  • Improve their business awareness and commercial acumen through activity-based learning
  • Learn the key elements in business, including:
    1. Sales & marketing (the 7 P’s)
    2. Negotiating
    3. Advertising, pitching & presentation skills
    4. Efficiency and quality
    5. Manufacturing and production
    6. HR and recruitment
    7. Basic accountancy and book-keeping
    8. Wealth creation
  • Gain a better understanding of those aspects of business that are sometimes seen as complicated
  • Anticipate the world of work by operating in non-friendship teams
  • Develop a drive to succeed and a ‘can do’ attitude


  • Experience an inspirational, dynamic and highly memorable presentation
  • Work together and generally have fun with problem-solving tasks
  • Enjoy kinaesthetic, activity-based learning
  • Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback. All activities will be mapped to PLTS, the 9-point WRL skills framework and the CBI’s 7 employability skills.

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