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CMI Management Qualifications


Business Qualifications in Schools

Bright Futures can help students (14-19) improve their skill levels by gaining a recognised Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification whilst still at school or college.

Qualifications attract GCSE points, are based on expert assessment and there are no exams. They are externally marked and verified by the Chartered Management Institute.

The Qualifications

The Award in Team Leading (a single unit Level 2 qualification) is the entry qualification.

The Award in First Line Management (a single unit Level 3 qualification) is also available for post 16 students.

The Chartered Management Institute offers students the facility to progress from Award to Certificate and finally to Diploma (Level 5) as their careers develop.

Students cover topics such as personal development, information and communication, developing good working relationships, using resources and planning work, coaching and feedback.

The 2-day programmes are a natural companion for those working on a Business Studies course, and are often run as part of Enrichment Programmes, Gifted & Talented events or as part of PSHE.

The Award in Team Leading is a recognised business qualification which attracts 11.5 GCSE points (equivalent to 1/4 GCSE at Grade B). All Chartered Management Institute qualifications are recognised by QCDA.


1.Students given the best chance of success as they leave school
2.Differentiates students and gives them that competitive edge
3.Helps bridge the gap in skills and expertise that currently exists
4.Helps students make a successful transition from school to work or further education
5.Adds that extra dimension of a leadership qualification currently missing from the regular curriculum and provides a broader breadth of skills

“Anybody with a management qualification who applies to us will almost certainly have a head start. They will go straight to the top of the pile and we will be interested in interviewing them”
Mark Davies, Former HR Director Paymentshield, Southport

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