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Enterprise Experience

Enterprise Experience


You want to do all you can to prepare your students for the world of work. You want them to develop those enterprising and entrepreneurial skills which will help them into employment or self-employment. Perhaps you are on the look-out for a new experience to supplement the enterprise work your students already do.

Through fast-moving, team-based challenges, your students are introduced to the concept of being enterprising individuals. We don’t just focus on famous entrepreneurs and multimillionaires. We convey in simple terms what enterprise actually means and how being an enterprising person can have such a positive and meaningful impact on their lives now and in the future. Students everywhere find our Enterprise Experience a very enjoyable programme.

Our interactive material is original, current and totally relevant to students in schools and colleges throughout the UK. We take our feedback from staff and students very seriously and are always improving the programme to offer the best experience possible.


  • Enjoy fun, dynamic and stimulating challenges
  • Imitate the world of work by operating in non-friendship teams
  • Develop their communication and problem-solving skills
  • Encourage each other and work to reach their team goals
  • Discover the hidden talents of other team members
  • Enjoy practical activities and develop a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Find the programme challenging, enjoyable and totally rewarding


  • Learn about the drive to succeed, in both social and commercial enterprise
  • Experience a highly memorable event
  • Be enthused by strong audiovisual introductions to activity-based modules
  • Develop those key PLT skills
  • Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback. All activities will be mapped to PLTS, the QCDA WRL skills and the CBI employability skills.

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