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Great British Values Experience – SMSC

Bright Futures Experience is proud to introduce ‘The Great British Values Experience’. If your school has used Bright Futures in the past, you can expect the same upbeat, interactive and engaging delivery style attributed to our other programmes.

Our event has been created using DfE guidelines. The learning aims and objectives of ‘The Great British Values Experience’ are to promote fundamental British values and enable students to:

  • To gain understanding of democracy
  • To gain understanding of the rule of law
  • To understand individual liberty
  • To understand mutual respect and tolerance

The whole experience is ‘activity-based’, with students working in teams to achieve objectives. We promote active learning so 90% of what they learn, will be learnt by doing.

The event can be delivered in a school hall setup with large numbers or carousel-style utilising multiple classrooms.

Although this event has been designed as a ‘full day’ experience, we can offer a shorter session that can be repeated twice within the same day to accommodate larger year group sizes.

Promoting British Values is an integral part of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development). All schools in England must show how well their pupils develop in SMSC and our Year 7 programme is a fun way of reinforcing all of the good work your school will already be doing.

Although Year 7 students might not willingly volunteer a personal interest in all things political, when it comes to having an opinion, they soon want their voices to be heard. As political decisions impact on the entire British community, our programme has been designed to help students appreciate what it means to be a ‘British Citizen’.


  • the differences between dictatorships and democratic societies
  • about constituencies, elections and who is eligible to vote
  • the strategies politicians typically use to win hearts and minds to win seats in Parliament
  • what is meant by term of office
  • what the responsibility of an elected member of parliament is
  • about the roles of the houses of parliament
  • the fundamental differences between the house of lords and house of commons
  • why there needs to be a majority to rule
  • what the role of the monarch is
  • what is meant by ‘the cabinet’ and what they do
  • about public spending including the main categories
  • about taxationthe economy and the choices Government have to make
  • what is meant by ‘will of the people
  • global initiatives like the ‘Compassion Games’ – Survival of the kindest
  • about cultural differences and how these strengthen the British community
  • the importance of living and working in harmony as a society
  • about Freedom of speech – The UK’s negative right to freedom of expression – Human Rights Act – The European Convention and broad sweep of exceptions
  • to speak out about what they believe in – Soapbox Challenge
  • about the Law – Old Laws, New Laws and how law is passed


  • Experience an inspirational, dynamic and highly memorable presentation
  • Work together and generally have fun with problem-solving tasks
  • Enjoy kinaesthetic, activity-based learning
  • Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback.

Although the ‘Great British Values Experience’ has been designed with Year 7 in mind, it is perfectly suitable for other year groups too.

This is a really nice positive and memorable event that can be used to punctuate a school year with a drop-timetable event. The programme is well chunked to include lots of short activities and quizzes to keep the students on task throughout the whole day.

Bright Futures run the whole event from start to finish, provide all of the materials required on the day, as well as prizes, a sound system and all printed resources. All we require is the use of a suitable room and a data projector and screen to hook up to.

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