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You want to make sure that your students are becoming financially aware and capable. Perhaps some of them already have earnings and you want them to be able to plan and budget.

Financial awareness as part of PSHE means that one of your own questions might be: “Will the experience of student loans teach the wrong attitudes to money?” But you would also like your students to be able to consider questions such as:

“How do I get the money to have a good time and study?”

“Can I really afford the repayments on that new car?”

“Why did that new outfit cost me twice the price it said in the shop when I used their store card?”

BRIGHT FUTURES has developed Money Matters to ensure students have the opportunity to understand more about the world of personal finance, and awaken them to the fact that where there’s money, there’s responsibility.


  • Be introduced to the key issues of APR, the Stock Market, Personal Loans, Overdrafts, Risk and Assessment, Mortgages, Cheques and Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Store Cards and Budgeting
  • Enjoy an upbeat, informative and practical programme, featuring real-life situations and allowing them to make decisions for themselves, or suffer the consequences of their mistakes
  • Understand the main qualities, attitudes and skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world
  • Demonstrate enterprising qualities, including adaptability, perseverance, determination, flexibility, creativity, ability to improvise, initiative, self-confidence, autonomy and the drive to make things happen
  • Imitate the world of work by operating in non-friendship teams
  • Develop a drive to succeed and a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Enjoy fun, dynamic and stimulating challenges that develop PLT skills


  • Experience an inspirational, dynamic and highly memorable presentation
  • Be enthused by strong audiovisual introductions to activity-based modules
  • Work together and generally have fun with problem-solving tasks
  • Enjoy many kinaesthetic and activity-based learning opportunities
  • Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback. All activities will be mapped to PLTS, the 9-point WRL skills framework and the CBI’s 7 employability skills.

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