Making Things Happen

Module 1 – Transition or Induction

Give your 6th formers the edge

Our aim is to ‘set the tone’ for Year 12 and make sure that your new 6th formers ‘hit the ground running’.

This module will motivate your students and equip them with the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge to make sixth form a resounding success. The Transition and Induction workshop is filled with energetic and interactive learning processes that your students will enjoy.

Key aims:

  • Acknowledging past achievements whilst being wary of complacency. We demonstrate to students that whilst they may have done well in their GCSEs they’re about to take a step up.
  • Developing a Growth Mindset. We help students to realise that taking on challenges, having set-backs and dealing with them, and responding positively to criticism are essential ingredients for success in sixth form and beyond. Students will take on fun challenges, which will build confidence and a positive mindset.
  • Learning independently – procrastination and time stealers vs time management and priorities.  We develop simple life skills that will help students to analyse their time and how they can use it wisely to achieve their goals.
  • Playing to their strengths and working on their weaknesses. Sixth form is a time for students to focus on the subjects they enjoy whilst taking on new challenges. Our ‘Box Clever’ multiple intelligence activity is a great leveller.  It gives students a chance to take on challenges in areas they may consider themselves to be strong, whilst also offering opportunities to move out of their comfort zone.
  • Working efficiently.  Taking a direct approach when doing project work/writing essays can save hours of time.  Our ‘Cut to the chase’ activity introduces research styles that help to keep students focused on the question in hand.
  • Taking effective notes. We champion a note-taking system that’s reputed to be the greatest in the world and, best of all, it’s incredibly simple.
  • Improving their understanding of how their brains learn and how this can motivate them to overcome challenges if they feel they’ve hit a ‘brick wall’ during Sixth Form.

This experience will help to create assertive, confident learners. All of our programmes develop a strong sense of community, through fun, team-working activities that focus on problem-solving and communication – great for integrating students from other schools into your sixth form. Our presenters provide all of the resources needed to run the programmes so that the head of sixth form can concentrate on other important tasks.

Module 1 Transition or Induction:

  • is most suitable for Y12 but can be adapted for Y13
  • is most beneficial in the first month of a new academic year
  • is typically 2-3hrs in duration and can be extended to a full day
  • can be delivered twice in a day to accommodate large year group sizes


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