Making Things Happen

Module 2 – Personal Leadership and Vision

Prepare your students for the future

Our aim is to demonstrate to students that leadership isn’t a super-human talent reserved only for world leaders, CEOs and famous captains of industry and sport. In fact, it is a skill that can be practised daily, throughout the sixth form.

Students will develop their knowledge of leadership skills and then practise those skills in fun, challenging activities. The Personal Leadership and Vision module will motivate your students to take the necessary risks needed to become confident leaders.

Key aims:

  • Understanding the differences between leadership and management and vision. Very few people have all three skills in abundance, yet they are all really important to being successful. If sixth formers can ‘begin with the end in mind’, they will be motivated to self-manage and, leading by example, they will inspire their peers.
  • Managing risk and dealing with uncertainty. Our world is changing at such speed that tomorrow’s leaders will face challenges we’re not even aware of yet.  Our ‘Festival Frenzy’ activity gives students a real-life experience of how to cope with risk and uncertainty, in a competitive environment.
  • Standing out from the crowd. The students will take on two organisational challenges that on the surface seem ludicrously simple.  However, each challenge subtly reveals those who dare to lead!
  • Communicating their vision. Our social enterprise challenge allows students to innovate and then use high-level presentation skills to champion their vision.  This is a great activity for tackling inhibitions too!
  • Learning the key attributes that constitute great leadership and practising those skills through team challenges that rely heavily on communication and problem solving.
  • Improving their understanding leadership styles. Students take it in turns to lead each activity, using a different leadership style and consequently experience both sides of the coin. They learn how being a leader can be both an isolating and an inclusive place to be. They also discover what it feels like to be dictated to, or to be part of a democratic, decision-making process.
  • Leadership in daily life. By practising the skills introduced in Module 2, students will come to see themselves as leaders within the school setting, and this will, in turn, build trust and a strong sense of community within the sixth form.

This is a practical, energetic programme that gives students the opportunity to learn and practise leadership skills in a team setting. All students will take away skills that they can use to inspire each other on a daily basis. Our presenters provide all the resources needed to run the programme.

Module 2 Personal Leadership and Vision:

  • is suitable for Y12 or Y13
  • can be delivered at any time of the academic year
  • is typically 2-3hrs in duration and can be extended to a full day
  • can be delivered twice in a day to accommodate large year group sizes


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