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Module 3 – Independent Learning

2 hours can make massive difference!

Do your sixth formers realise how important independent learning skills are at Post 16?

How many of them are likely to take the same approach to studying as they did for their GCSEs?

Most students who struggle to take a self-reliant approach to studying will soon find themselves overwhelmed, stressed and rapidly losing confidence.

Our Independent Learning Module will help them to think and act more independently, be more self-disciplined, mature and responsible. As with all of our programmes, it will build confidence, inclusiveness and respect across the year group.

Key Aims

  • Become self-starters and adopt an independent work ethic. Our ‘Lifestyle affects Performance’ activity helps students to appreciate the differences between GCSE and Advanced level education. During this activity ‘the penny drops’ and they realise that being in sixth form requires a much more thorough and structured approach.
  • Develop effective time management and prioritisation skills. As Dr. Seuss famously said “How did it get so late so soon?”  We help students to analyse their time and develop time management skills. We demonstrate the link between managing time and managing stress and give them simple tools in order to keep on top of their workload.
  • Develop self-efficacy and ‘growth mindset’ qualities. The significant step up from GCSE to advanced level studies can be accompanied by increased negative ‘self talk’ and doubt. These factors can be psychologically paralysing and prevent students from getting out of the starting blocks! We help students to recognise their ‘Fixed Mindset Voice’ and assess their reactions to challenge and failure. The Growth Mindset is a liberating message – it shows students that effort is the key ingredient needed to unlock a person’s potential.
  • Build confidence and team spirit through peer learning. Top performing businesses throughout the world demonstrate the benefit of peer learning on a daily basis. Independent learning is not learning in isolation! Interaction between students such as discussion, questioning and debate are critical skills for embedding a culture of excellence.
  • Learn the world’s best methods of summarising and note-taking. Students will also critique and practise active learning techniques to personalise their revision strategy.
  • Syllabus Mapping. Students learn how to map out their subjects into smaller manageable chunks, an essential starting point for independent learning.
  • Memory masterclass. All advanced level subjects require solid memory techniques. “How” the information is memorised relates directly to how much is stored. Our fun memory challenges highlight the importance of taking on board information in a structured way.
  • Bring revision into the 21st century. We introduce students to carefully selected programmes across multiple platforms (programs and apps) that will enhance their learning.
  • Independent learning skills = life skills. We help students appreciate how independent learning is a key life skill – invaluable at university and beyond. Self-reliance is one of the most desirable attributes required by high-performing professional employers.

Sixth formers will be challenged to move themselves out of their comfort zone of ‘spoon-fed’ learning to the sort of independent and inter-dependent learning that should characterise A Level, BTec, International Baccalaureate and university.

Core content – Six Gems for Sixth Form

Syllabus mapping

Lifestyle and performance review

Active Revision Techniques

Cornell Note Taking

Study/Revision Planning

Memory techniques


Module 3 – Independent learning:

  • Suitable for Y12 or 13
  • Can be delivered at any time of the academic year, although Autumn and Spring terms are most popular
  • Typically 2hr 30mins repeated during a school day


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