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Module 4 – Employability

How employable are your sixth form students?

Do they realise how competitive the job market is?

Have they got the skills, knowledge and attitude to wow an employer?

Our Employability module helps them with just that!

Key aims:

  • Job/University applications. What’s it like on the other side of the desk? We show students the recruitment process from the perspective of employers and admission tutors. Students will learn the “DOs” and “DON’Ts” when applying for a position as well as how to communicate their personality persuasively on paper: how to make their CV sparkle!
  • Job/University interviews. Sometimes you only have seconds to make the right impression. Getting an interview can be so difficult in the first place that it’s essential to know how to sell yourself. As well as analysing classic interview questions we use a series of activities that will hone their interview technique.
  • Employability skills. So what are employers actually looking for? A strong and successful educational history goes without saying but then what? Students are often very surprised to learn what employers really value even when the candidate has ticked the ‘educational achievement’ and ‘experience’ boxes.
  • Experience. Experience makes a person more interesting and therefore more employable. In an interview situation, work/voluntary/sporting/artistic experience can prove invaluable to demonstrate interpersonal skills, characteristics and capabilities. We show students how to make the most of their relevant experience when it counts.
  • Networking skills. With technology skyrocketing and social media being so accessible, graduates have an amazing networking tool at their disposal – how they utilise this resource is another matter entirely. We show the real power of networking, keeping contacts and more importantly being valued by your peer groups.
  • Pay rises, promotions, buying houses, business deals – negotiation is an essential skill. All it takes is awareness, good communication and a dose of courage. Students will practise negotiation skills in an energetic business activity. Can they come up with an angle to get the best deal? Can they communicate their ideas with confidence?
  • Public speaking. You never know when you’ll be required to speak in public. All we know is that public speaking is an essential skill that develops with practise. What makes a great public speaker? Preparation, structure, rhythm, narrative, body language, appearance, confidence, enthusiasm, humour – all these things feed into an engaging presentation. We create a safe environment for students to take a risk and practise this important skill in front of their peers.

Employers constantly stress the need for today’s workforce to have the following employability skills: business and customer awareness, team-working, communication, self and time management, a positive ‘can-do’ approach, creativity, risk-taking and problem solving.

This module covers them all and will give your students ‘the edge’ in the world of work!

The Confederation of British Industry and the Association of School and College Leaders have called for Employability Skills to be part of the National Curriculum.

ASCL’s president said:
“The notion that there is a simplistic choice between knowledge and skills is false. This dichotomy is a myth, for successful people have both. Employers understand this. They want knowledge plus a variety of skills and attributes: teamwork, dependability, honesty, persuasion, genuine literacy and numeracy.”

  • Module 4 – Employability:
    • is suitable for Y12 & 13
    • can be delivered throughout the academic year
    • is fun, engaging and largely activity-based


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