Making Things Happen

Module 5 – Passport

Provide your students with a passport to help them face the challenges of life after sixth form

This module covers many of the practical aspects of independent living including financial capability, student loans, debt and credit, and practical budgeting together with tips on general well-being and how to enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

Your students will learn invaluable life skills and enjoy the experience!

Key aims:

  • Personal finance and budgeting. Living on your own can present some unexpected costs. “What do you mean I’ve got to pay for…?”  All of a sudden, a new-found respect for parents/guardians appears as students discover how many monthly commitments there are for the privilege of independent living. Our ‘Money Box’ activity really hits the spot by highlighting the importance of budgeting, interest rates, responsible borrowing, terms and conditions, and credit/store cards.
  • Living on your own / communal living. A whole new set of rules applies when ‘flying the nest’. Managing difficult relationships, getting along, overcoming differences and taking joint responsibility for domestic chores are just some of the challenges that our activities address.
  • Risk taking / Decision making. “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore” – André Gide.  Taking risks and making bold decisions are essential parts of adulthood and success. Risk-taking and decision -making are hard-wired into the fun activities in our Passport module.
  • Negotiation skills. The stakes are high when living on your own within a restricted budget. Getting the best possible deal at every opportunity will ensure that your money goes further. Our fun ‘Negotiation’ activity captures the imagination of the students whilst teaching this key life skill.
  • Dealing with stress. What do you do when it all gets a bit too much? What support is out there? Our ‘Reach out’ activity gives students an understanding of the services that are available to them in their hour of need. Whether stress is derived from exams, money worries, mental heath issues, relationship problems or any other difficulties, this activity points students in the right direction to get help.
  • Long-term financial security. We dispel the myth that future financial planning and pensions are boring and only relevant to rich/old people. In our activity ‘Finance Plus’, students are amazed to discover how even the smallest financial sacrifice/contribution to a long-term investment can pay huge dividends in later life.
  • The bigger picture. “Where’s all my money gone?”  When you look at your payslip and realise that a large proportion of your hard-earned cash is being spent by the Government on your behalf, it’s amazing how interested in politics you suddenly become! Our ‘Wealth Creation’ activity shows students how the money goes round in society. It also illustrates how important their success is to the Government and to the prosperity of the country.

Although module 5 ‘Passport’ has been designed exclusively for sixth form students, it is not uncommon for teachers to comment on how useful they have found the content. 

Module 5 Passport:

  • is most relevant for Y13 students
  • can be delivered throughout the year
  • is fun, thought-provoking, informative and largely activity-based


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