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With block work experience placements now costing so much more and the funding for them at KS4 likely to be cut following the Wolf Report, schools are looking for alternatives. Here’s a way to provide an enjoyable and valuable experience for your students, giving them a realistic insight into the world of work – and make your budget stretch further!

As an alternative to the block placements, why not think about the model that many schools are now starting to consider – a World of Work (or WoW) Week in partnership with Bright Futures? This might be a 3-, 4- or 5-day conference. Bright Futures can contribute anything from 1 to 5 days for you.
Maybe you have in mind a ‘Careers Week’. We can dovetail with your plans and provide additional work-related learning days. Perhaps you already run an Enterprise event. Why not integrate this into your WoW Week and save money? A second option would be our equally popular Employability Skills programme. Day 3 could be our Money Matters Experience.

Have a look at the St Hild’s Case Study, Standish Case Study, and the St Michael’s Case Study to see how three schools are adapting their work experience programmes in partnership with Bright Futures.

All of our workshops are well-crafted experiential learning opportunities, fast-moving and activity-based. Your students will experience up-to-date, interactive material that is totally relevant and simply first-class. Our message is inspirational – our delivery style is dynamic.

It is important to us that your solution is tailored to what you need. Bright Futures has a strong tradition of liaising closely with schools to provide bespoke programmes.

If your time is limited, you may need a “mix and match” solution. Perhaps your priority is for students to prepare a CV, as at Standish. No problem – this can be incorporated. Maybe you want the focus to be financial awareness. Then elements from our Money Matters Experience can be included.


  • Imitate the world of work by operating in non-friendship teams
  • Enjoy fun, dynamic and stimulating challenges that develop PLT skills
  • Learn and remember the top five qualities employers right across the world are looking for
  • Explore the recruitment process from the inside, by reading application forms and deciding which of four candidates to shortlist
  • See the importance of qualifications, CVs and finally the interview
  • Examine health & safety and risk assessment issues
  • Consider their ‘hobbies & interests’ – important drivers for career planning
  • Explore and discuss what the real world of work is all about


  • Experience an inspirational, dynamic presentation
  • Learn about the drive to succeed, (the ‘can-do’ attitude) in both social and commercial enterprise
  • Take part in kinaesthetic activities, which encourage team working and communication, as well as problem-solving tasks that require lateral thinking and innovative approaches
  • Be enthused by strong audio-visual introductions to activity-based modules
  • Experience a highly memorable event
  • Have the benefit of our presenters’ first-hand business experience
  • Learn what a simple handshake or a person’s eye contact can tell you
  • Be asked to evaluate the learning experience

Your school will receive a comprehensive 8-page evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback. All activities will be mapped to PLTS, the WRL skills framework and the CBI employability skills.

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