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Teacher Comments

Enterprise Experience

“Seeing pupils who lack esteem and are difficult to motivate getting involved and taking risks. One kid said ‘This is mint, Year 10 and we’re making rides, Mint!’ and it made me laugh’. Fantastic engaging and snappy programme. All of the students enjoyed it and said it was a fab day”
Cardinal Newman School

“A good insight into enterprise skills, a really engaging whole day. Excellent once again. The most memorable part of the day was witnessing how impressive it was seeing our students working in non friendship groups. The introduction was very relevant on how important and what it meant to be an enterprising person.”
Gordano School

“Students have learnt team building skills, understood aspects of enterprise and work related learning skills. We have been impressed by how the students have responded and behaved in the sessions. Both parents and staff who have observed the activities have commented on how engaged the pupils were with the activities they have done. I don’t believe that you could have done anything to improve the programme, it was all excellent. Thank you. I think ‘Sir Darren’ is going to become a legend for Bright Futures, the students responded really well to all of the activities, another cracking couple of days, thanks”
Hornsea School

“Students working together to achieve the same goals. This year group are a band who lack skills in working in mixed gender groups. Today was an excellent opportunity for students who are usually very quiet to work in new groups and show their skills and qualities. Good opportunity to develop business & enterprise skills that they can transfer. It’s nice to see social enterprise given such impetus in an enterprise event, this is often overlooked”
Waverley School

“Paul did fantastically well with all the students and put on a very good workshop. The students especially enjoyed the final activity where they got to design and sell a product to Paul. All in all two really good days, thanks again and please thank Paul again for me.”
Cornwallis Academy

Great British Values Experience

“The students engaged well with the ideas of Government, democracy, politics and how the tax system works. They now have a much better understanding of how the country is run – Students were enthusiastic about the tasks which engaged them in a variety of topics relevant to their age and knowledge of politics. Well pitched to the age level. A good variety of tasks – I think they also developed their team working skills and they learnt to listen to each other.”
Northampton School for Boys

Sixth Form Induction Experience

“A fantastic morning with some excellent and memorable activities;it far exceeded my expectations. Steve was an excellent presenter and built a good rapport with the students”
Kett Sixth Form Open Academy

“The students’ eagerness and responsiveness when it came to a competitive section was excellent. The ‘How many words’ activity worked brilliantly. Very clear presentation that engaged all.”
Farringdon Community College

“The programme was fun and interesting. The students were not very quick when they had to look at their goals and aspirations so it made them think. The most memorable part of the day was the way the students worked together when asked to solve problems and were genuinely very interested”
Sir John Cass School

“Very useful programmes, especially the sections on organising time to meet deadlines etc, to study different subjects. Organising notes”
Downend School

“The entire programme was well delivered and very relevant to the needs of the students. All activities the students participated in well and clearly enjoyed. John was an excellent presenter who interacted very well with our students – they responded well to him”
Ralph Thoreseby School

“Links to ‘improving own learning and performance’ were really good and the goal and target setting was very useful. The students also enjoyed the memory section”
MacMillan Academy

“Good activities to encourage independent learning and learners to think outside the box. Picture of the old lady and the observational activities were excellent”
St Mary’s School

“John used appropriate language throughout the delivery. He engaged well with our Y12s. Good sense of humour. Use of games, challenged students especially the nails game. So thank you. I felt John left them with something to think about right from the onset regarding the importance of why they are here and how best to learn.”
Durham Johnson School

“An excellent 6th form induction programme, it was interactive, the games were great and it was a very good presentation”
Rydens School

Employability Skills Experience

“This day was fun and educational, the way it should be. Pupils smartening themselves up their uniform in order to improve their chances. It was really impressive to see them doing up their ties, top buttons and reminding each other to shake hands with the presenters. It was nice to see them demonstrating proper work skills in school environment, being motivated and having a good time”
Kingsley College

“I liked the job applications activity as it didn’t go on too long yet delivered a clear message for future applicants, Skills Fortunes game was very well played and enjoyed by the students. The activities clearly enthused the students in particularly, those with low self esteem received a massive boost in confidence and optimism”
The Ravenscroft School

“I would describe today as being excellent. A very well thought out day with plenty of different activities, well resourced vibrant team of presenters, 99% of students engaged, 99% of the time. Good job well done! with thanks”
St Crispins School

“I always enjoy the afternoon construction challenge it’s always a favourite for me. It’s great to see how your resources are being developed each year, they’re certainly making a noticeable difference”
John Kyrle High School

“The children really enjoyed themselves and I feel they’ve learnt a lot about the world of work. The programme was excellent and our host did a fantastic job so please extend our thanks”
Matthew Arnold School

“The feeling of achivement gained by those students who did well, it encouraged their competitive spirit. The winning groups consistently acknowledged that working well as a team was the secret to their success. Starting different activities gave different groups the chance to succeed”
Droitwich Spa High School

“The day effectively explained the importance of team work, communication and problem solving in a WRL context. The day was well planned and all pupils enjoyed the experience – thank you”
St Edmund Arrowsmith School

Skills 2 Succeed Experience

“I would describe the day as outstanding. The resources were excellent, clear and accessible to the pupils. The pupils really enjoyed the day and gained a lot. Presentation was engaging and exciting pupils were always on task. An excellent event, it is not easy to keep pupils engaged for a whole day!!”
Neatherd High School

“Good mixture of activities that suited the learners. Prizes and competition worked well. Skills used today could be linked to the new PLTS initiatives which help across the curriculum”
Hindley High School

“Great fun, lovely to see the groups develop as the day progresses. Many felt a real sense of achievement. Presenter was very well prepared.”
The Clere School

“Fantastic morning. Excellent presenter who worked well with our pupils and staff. The presenter kept the pupils engaged and interested. Thank You”
Alfred Barrow School

“The advert / communication part worked really well. All worked well and thank you for sending Sean and Alex. Hope to see them next term”
Wentworth High School

“It was excellent that the students were engaged throughout the day. It was very organised and I use this again. Very good presenter.”
Merchants Academy

“I was suprised at the quality and creativity of some of the work produced. Presentatoin was clear and at an appropriate level for the ages”
Oulder Hill Community School

Money Matters Experience

“Cash 4 Word was brilliant. All of the groups got involved in the activities and considering financial awareness is perceived to be a ‘boring subject’ there was a great atmosphere in the room. A very well organised, appropriate session all round.”

“Thanks for a great day, the staff feedback to me was excellent too. Looking forward to next year!”
Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

“A relevant way of delivering financial awareness with loads of impact. The trading game in the afternoon was excellent. I’m sure it’ll be remembered by the students. A very high quality event. Really impressed”

“The presenters were excellent. It was hugely positive all day and fast paced which meant the students were excited on task and focussed throughout the day. The final activity was really motivating and fast paced. A massive thank you , the students appeared to really enjoy the day and so did I”
Hampton College

“Team working skills and the practical activities were most memorable. I liked the introduction to finance through relevant topics. The way you were able to pitch it at their level made the students more engaged. I really enjoyed today and I thought the delivery was excellent. Thank You”
Maria Fidelis School

“The most memorable thing for me was the entire programme as all of the children took part throughout, awesome / well organised”

“Great exercise on debts and savings it really hit home so important messages with our students”
South Cromwell School

“The negotiation activity was excellent. It was great to see them trying to get a better deal and this could be linked to other subjects. Also nice to see maths being used in a practical everyday context. The material was very appropriate for our students and pitched at the right level.”
Turin Grove School

Junior Enterprise Challenge

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