CEIAG and Work Related Learning

Enterprise Skills

Are successful entrepreneurs born or made?

We believe that enterprise is a mindset.  This fun, dynamic workshop is designed to make your students believe that they can make things happen!

So how do we turn your students into budding entrepreneurs?

First of all, our interactive introduction establishes all of the key ‘enterprise’ concepts.

Secondly, we recreate a workplace environment where students operate in non-friendship teams.  Every single activity is designed to give students the opportunity to practise and develop the following entrepreneurship skills/attitudes:

• Risk-taking
• Resilience
• Team working
• Problem-solving
• Negotiation
• Innovation
• Creativity
• Turning ideas into reality
• Managing fear of failure
• Communication
• Building self-belief and confidence
• Managing money
• Running a small business

This programme illustrates how enterprise is relevant to everyone.  The crystal clear explanations of the key concepts and the fun ‘real world’ activities allow every single student to get involved.

We offer a diverse list of famous entrepreneurs to inspire your students and explore the influence they have on society at large.  However, this programme is not about millionaires.  It is a chance for your students to develop a toolbox of enterprise skills that can have a positive impact on their lives right now and help them to build meaningful lives for themselves in the future.


This programme can be delivered as a full day or a half day in a large school hall.

We use high-quality audiovisuals and resources to bring the activities to life.

The workshop is well balanced with a mixture of long and short activities/quizzes to keep students on task throughout the day.

Our highly experienced team will run the whole event for you. They will also provide prizes and a sound system.

Your school needs to provide a suitable venue, a data projector and a screen.

Following the programme, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the learning experience, based on student and staff feedback.

What Students Say...

This has inspired me to think about running my own business. We did really well when we were buying and selling, our team made the most amount of money. I also learned that social enterprise is really important too.

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