FAQ: How do I make the most of a Bright Futures Experience event?

Posted in BF Briefings  ·  14th February 2024

Preparing for a Bright Futures Experience event can ensure it runs smoothly and meets your educational goals. Here’s how to get the most out of your event:

Pre-event preparation

  1. Discuss objectives: Collaborate with your Bright Futures Experience account manager to clearly define the desired outcomes of the event.
  2. Suitable venue: Ensure the space is conducive to learning, with good acoustics, ample space, and proper lighting.
  3. Staff support: Arrange for strong, supportive staff to assist with the event’s logistics and facilitate activities.

Communicate with students

  1. Overview: Brief students on the overarching theme and what to expect, without revealing specific details.
  2. Expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations regarding their participation and behaviour during the event.

Logistical arrangements

  1. Stationery and technology: Ensure all necessary materials and technology are set up and functioning correctly before the event.
  2. Feedback collection: We will issue student feedback at the end of each workshop to gauge effectiveness and areas for improvement.

Post-event feedback and reporting

After the event, Bright Futures Experience compiles student feedback into a comprehensive report. This report can be used by the school as evidence to align with their CIEAG plan, demonstrating the impact and success of the event.

By following these steps, you can maximize the benefits of a Bright Futures Experience event, providing students with valuable skills and memorable learning experiences. For more information and to schedule an event, contact us today!

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