Introduction to the Future of Jobs Report 2023: Key insights for educators

Posted in News & Press  ·  8th June 2024

The “Future of Jobs Report 2023,” published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), provides an in-depth analysis of the evolving job market. Authored by a team of experts in collaboration with industry leaders and academic institutions, this report highlights significant trends in job creation, job displacement, and the skills needed for the future workforce. It draws on data from diverse industries to forecast job growth, decline, and transformation over the next five years.

Key findings

  1. Emerging jobs: Growth in AI, renewable energy, and data analysis.
  2. Declining jobs: Reduction in roles impacted by automation and digitalisation.
  3. Skills of the future: Emphasis on digital literacy, critical thinking, and creativity.

Why it matters for educators

Educators play a crucial role in shaping the future workforce. Understanding these trends helps them adjust curricula, integrate relevant skills training, and guide students towards sustainable career paths. By aligning education with market needs, educators can ensure students are well-equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.


The Future of Jobs Report 2023 is an essential resource for educators aiming to future-proof their students’ careers. By staying informed about job market trends and required skills, educators can better prepare students for success in an ever-changing job landscape.

For a deeper dive into the report, visit the World Economic Forum’s website here.


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