Managing your social media: Essential tips for job seekers and employees

Posted in News & Press  ·  25th June 2024

In today’s digital age, managing your social media presence is crucial, especially when job seeking or while in employment. Your online profile is an extension of your CV, and how you present yourself can significantly impact your career prospects.

The power of being a publisher

Each time you post, you’re acting as a publisher. Expressing personal opinions can either enhance your online presence or damage it irreparably. A thoughtful post can showcase your expertise and values, while a controversial one can deter potential employers or clients.

The impact of imagery

Images play a powerful role in your online presence. Personal photos should reflect professionalism, and images of others should be shared with consent. Avoid posting or sharing inappropriate or offensive content, as it can negatively impact your professional image.

The sensitivity of reposts

Reposting content implies endorsement. Always consider the implications of sharing content and how it aligns with your values. Be cautious about reposting controversial or sensitive material, as it can be misconstrued as your personal viewpoint.

The broad audience of your posts

Remember, your audience includes employers, customers, suppliers, colleagues, and friends. Everything you publish is visible to this wide array of viewers. Maintaining a neutral and professional tone is often the best approach.

Statistics on employer checks

A CareerBuilder survey found that 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Additionally, 54% have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles. This underscores the importance of curating a professional online presence.

Practical tips

  1. Review privacy settings: Ensure your profiles are visible only to intended audiences.
  2. Regular clean-up: Periodically review and delete old posts that no longer represent you well.
  3. Professional profiles: Maintain updated LinkedIn and other professional profiles.
  4. Thoughtful engagement: Engage thoughtfully with others, avoiding heated or controversial discussions.

Recommended readings

  1. “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users” by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick: This book offers practical advice on managing your social media presence effectively.
  2. “What Color Is Your Parachute? 2021: Your Guide to a Lifetime of Meaningful Work and Career Success” by Richard N. Bolles: This guide includes tips on how to leverage social media for job searching.


Managing your social media presence with care is essential for career success. By being mindful of what you post and share, you can build a positive online image that enhances your professional reputation.

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