Action Stations 1

Year 9 Workshop

Give your students a 'why' to learn! Create the link between learning and earning and help them select the right options at GCSE. Remind them about high gear learning habits.

Key Aims

  • Improve their study skills by letting them practise ‘mind mapping’ and other ‘ACTIVE’ learning methods
  • Develop memory technique: Making connections
  • Time management techniques
  • Multisensory learning
  • Discover new ways to improve their memory: Recognition and Recall
  • Learn more about the growth mindset: that they can become smarter, more intelligent, cleverer, by hard work and effort
  • Learn the importance of working with peers in study groups
  • Adopt a winning mindset
  • Begin with the end in mind and become ‘success oriented’
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The Feedback

  • “It definitely has made me more aware that there are many different ways to study and revise, not just writing and rewriting my notes!”

    Action Stations Student A
    Year 9
  • “Loved all of it, thank you so much for opening my mind.”

    Action Stations Student B
    Year 9
  • “How to set out revision and decide what's important and what's not.”

    Action Stations Student C
    Year 9
  • “Learning more about the future and what I want to achieve.”

    Action Stations Student D
    Year 9
  • “Our students gained a level of self-confidence they didn’t know they had.”

    Weobley High School

In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    2 hour programme. Can be easily extended to a full day motivational event.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    Year 9, Age Range 13 - 14.

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to student numbers and delivery options. Contact us for a quote.

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