vision and management

Sixth Form

This dynamic workshop gets students practising leadership and management skills within an enterprise context. Can be adapted to form part of your school's leadership programme.

Key Aims

  • To be able to define the difference between leadership, management, and vision.
  • To complete a competitive team-based challenge that highlights the six leadership styles identified by Daniel Goleman.
  • To reflect on their own leadership style.
  • To critique 'change management' scenarios.
  • To practise different types of listening.
  • To be introduced to specific negotiation strategies that are used by world-renowned business people and hostage negotiators.
  • To practise negotiation skills in a fun, competitive activity that isolates the skill of negotiation.
  • To reflect on each activity with team members and share with the entire group where appropriate.
  • To share leadership experiences as part of an 'interview style' communication challenge.
  • To take turns leading during a business and enterprise risk taking challenge.
  • To experiment with leadership skills through role-playing workplace disputes.
  • To take part in assessment day activities designed by corporations to spot candidates with the courage to lead.
  • To understand how entrepreneurs align their staff to their vision.
  • To write a vision statement for a business.
  • To compete in a complex multi-disciplinary team activity that helps students to develop the following key management skills: prioritisation, delegation, and hitting targets.
  • To be introduced to a diverse set of leaders and their expert advice.
  • To take part in a fun activity that allows students to experiment with creating healthy boundaries.
  • To reflect on the skills learned during the session and how they can be utilised within sixth form.
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The Feedback

  • “I felt quite shy at first but as the workshop progressed I was able to get more involved. I was anxious when it was my turn to lead the team but I actually did really well!”

    Year 12 student
  • “I'd never thought about leadership styles before today so I found it really interesting. I liked having the time to reflect on the activities.”

    Year 13 student
  • “I enjoyed the activities where I had to take risks and get out of my comfort zone.”

    Year 12 student
  • “It was fun to experiment during the 'healthy boundaries' activity. I really enjoyed leading others and having my teammates lead me. ”

    Year 13 student
  • “The activities were well designed and really engaged our students. I learned some useful tips too!”

    Teacher (Northumberland school)
  • “I feel like our students got the most out of the leadership styles activity, the assessment day activities, and the negotiation challenge. A really good workshop.”

    Teacher B (Worcestershire school)

In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    2-hour repeated or half-day programme.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    Year 12 or 13

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to student numbers and delivery options. Contact us for a no-obligation proposal including costs.

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