Robot Revolution

The ultimate STEM challenge

Year 7,8,9, & 10

Practical, hands-on, educational and fun!

Key Aims

  • To discover key robotics concepts through short activities and quizzes.
  • To build a robot from component level to a fully functioning, controllable machine.
  • To practise the engineering process through a series of practical challenges.
  • To learn how to code our robotic equipment and see how the codes perform in realtime.
  • To turn language into code in a fast-paced team activity.
  • To learn about ancient robots and experience building one.
  • To gain an insight into the functions of the drive, the controller, the processor, the end-effector, the sensor, and the arm through our fun human robot challenge.
  • To learn the origins of robotics.
  • To remain calm under pressure and pay attention to detail during our code breaker challenge.
  • To wirelessly control a robot and take part in several challenges.
  • To link the workshop content to a variety of STEM based careers.
  • To identify the tools used for robotics and engineering.
  • To practise the following employability skills within a robotics and engineering context: Analytical skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership, communication, resilience, and creativity.
  • To gain insight into the application of robotics in the modern world (domestic, industrial, research, medical, educational, and exploratory).
  • To be introduced to some of the world's most famous robots and their functions/capabilities.
  • To inspire young people to investigate STEM-based careers.
  • To learn whilst having fun in a relaxed environment.
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The Feedback

  • “It was amazing. Building the robots was my favourite part.”

    Year 8 student
  • “It was cool to see the robots doing what we'd programmed into the computer.”

    Year 9 student
  • “I'd never thought about a career in robotics until today. I found it really inspirational.”

    Year 10 student
  • “The equipment was really impressive and you could see that our students were super excited to get their hands on it.”

    Teacher A (Derbyshire school)
  • “The student feedback from the Bright Futures Experience robotics event is excellent. We will definitely re-book.”

    Teacher B (Sussex school)

In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    Half day, full day, and carousel options available.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    7,8,9, & 10

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to numbers and delivery options. Contact us for a no-obligation proposal.

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