Top 10 emerging job roles: Preparing students for the future

Posted in News & Press  ·  9th June 2024

The “Future of Jobs Report 2023” by the World Economic Forum identifies key emerging job roles that will shape the future workforce. As educators, understanding these roles can help you guide students towards promising careers. Here are the top 10 emerging job roles from the report and how to prepare students for them:

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialists

  • Skills Needed: Machine learning, data analysis, programming.
  • Preparation Tips: Introduce coding classes and AI-focused projects.

2. Sustainability Specialists

  • Skills Needed: Environmental science, regulatory knowledge, project management.
  • Preparation Tips: Incorporate sustainability topics into science curricula and projects.

3. Data Analysts and Scientists

  • Skills Needed: Data mining, statistical analysis, data visualization.
  • Preparation Tips: Offer courses in statistics and data science.

4. Robotics Engineers

  • Skills Needed: Robotics, mechanical engineering, automation.
  • Preparation Tips: Encourage participation in robotics clubs and competitions.

5. Cybersecurity Experts

  • Skills Needed: Network security, ethical hacking, risk management.
  • Preparation Tips: Implement cybersecurity modules and certifications.

6. Cloud Computing Specialists

  • Skills Needed: Cloud infrastructure, DevOps, system architecture.
  • Preparation Tips: Provide cloud computing workshops and practical labs.

7. Healthcare Professionals (Advanced Roles)

  • Skills Needed: Advanced medical knowledge, healthcare technology.
  • Preparation Tips: Promote STEM education with a focus on biomedical sciences.

8. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists

  • Skills Needed: SEO, content marketing, social media management.
  • Preparation Tips: Include digital marketing principles in business courses.

9. Blockchain Developers

  • Skills Needed: Blockchain technology, cryptography, decentralized applications.
  • Preparation Tips: Introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts in tech courses.

10. Human-Machine Interaction Designers

  • Skills Needed: UX/UI design, cognitive psychology, interaction design.
  • Preparation Tips: Encourage courses in design thinking and user experience.

leveraging the future of jobs report

The “Future of Jobs Report 2023” provides valuable insights for educators to align curricula with future job market demands. By focusing on these emerging roles, educators can help students gain the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.

For more detailed information, visit the Future of Jobs Report 2023.

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