Making Things Happen

Activity Based Learning Programmes, Work Related Learning for Schools. Excite. Inspire. Education.

The Bright Futures Experience is a menu of exciting activity-based enterprise and work-related learning programmes for schools and colleges.

Our team of professional presenters organise and deliver everything for you, leaving teaching staff free to support and enjoy the whole learning experience.

We make things happen!

Why Choose Bright Futures?

  • Students enjoy an upbeat, practical, inspiring and informative experience.
  • Students experience team-working and problem solving in a work-related learning context.
  • Programmes to suit different academic abilities and year groups.
  • Programmes promote ‘Can Do’ attitude.
  • Curricular needs met in an energetic, modern and business-like way.
  • Tailored options – infinitely flexible.
  • Experienced with different levels of ability and behaviour.
  • Staff DBS checked with wealth of experience.

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CMI Management Qualifications in Schools and Colleges

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